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HAITI: Update from CATH on the Haitian Crisis

The Autonomous Center of Haitian Workers (CATH) expresses its deep concern regarding the precarious socio-economic situation that the Haitian population in general and the workers in particular are forced to undergo. Because of the high level of inflation estimated at 49%, the exchange rate has risen to more than one hundred and sixty (160) Gourdes for one (1) dollar, while the poverty wage for 8 hours of work in the free zone is six hundred and eighty five (685) Gourdes. The CATH believes that this is a form of modern slavery where cheap labor gives free rein to an excessive exploitation of workers who do not benefit from any form of social protection.

The CATH, in this circumstance, takes the opportunity to demand explanations from the MAST authorities regarding the funds initially intended to grant subsidies to the workers and which should momentarily relieve their situation of misery. Of the four hundred and ten million (410,000,000.00) Gourdes disbursed for these purposes, only three hundred and eighty-four million (384,000,000) have been distributed. What about the remaining Twenty Six Million (26,000,000.00)?

The CATH says loud and clear that the incessant unrest fueled by the phenomenon of instability, insecurity, high cost of living, violence and socio-political turmoil are intentional. For the permanent destabilization as a weapon of domination greatly facilitates the task of predators and favors the exploitation of all the country’s wealth, both underground and marine. And, the implementation of neo-liberal policies in favor of the global capitalist system aims above all to defend their hegemonic interests to the detriment of those of Haiti.

The implementation of this neo-liberal policy, which dates back several decades, is part of a process of exaggerated impoverishment of workers and the Haitian population, who pay the heavy consequences. The CATH, as a Classist Union, denounces the policy of the West which aims to weaken all State Institutions in order to make all their objectives on Haitian soil permanent.

Down with The Imperialist Capitalist System,
Down with all forms of Neo-liberal politics,
Long live class-oriented trade union movement,
Long live the CATH/WFTU

Done in Port-au-Prince,
January 27,2023
Fignole ST-CYR
General Secretary

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