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Harry Bridges School of Labor 2023 Session 4: The State of the Trade Union Movement in Ukraine Recording Now Available

Labor United Educational League is proud to announce we are releasing the recordings from the Harry Bridges School of Labor sessions. Launched in Spring 2023, the Harry Bridges School of Labor is a monthly class held 2x per month. Classes will cover a variety of topics aimed at building class conscious among union members. In this session, we broke down the role of the AFL-CIO in the coup through their partnership with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) know as The Solidarity Center. We also detailed known attacks post-coup focusing on the House of Trade Unions massacre in Odessa on May 2, 2014. Finally, we discussed the legal ways the trade unions have been under attack. You can find the YouTube video of the class embedded on the session’s page on the LUEL website, as well as, on YouTube. Links for both are available below

You can find the video here:–gZY?si=e3WHa48bjhp25Amh

You can find your YouTube channel here:

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