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HART Transit Workers Call for Ouster of CEO Adelee Le Grand Amidst Mismanagement, Scandals, and Toxic Work Environment

Tampa, FL — Amidst continued mismanagement, scandals, firings, and a continuing toxic work environment, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) workers, represented by ATU Local 1593-Tampa, FL, are demanding the ouster of CEO Adelee Le Grand, on the eve of a HART Board hearing investigating Le Grand’s hire of Teri Wright while Wright continued working at the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority secretly working two full-time jobs simultaneously.

“HART has been in a downward spiral under the leadership of Adelee Le Grand,” said the Local’s Trustees Ismael Rivera and Brenda Moore. “The departure of 57 employees by unjust firings and resignations, and numerous scandals including the hiring of double dipping Teri Wright have created a hostile workplace and toxic culture. Ms. Le Grand is ruling with an iron fist, it’s her way or the highway. Unfortunately, her highway leads to a dysfunctional transit system. It’s time for the HART Board to remove Ms. Le Grand from her position as CEO.”

The Union says it’s gotten so bad at HART with the firings of management and resignations of key employees that its members have no idea who to contact about basic issues including payroll, health care, safety, training, and other matters and concerns. In addition, the Union has heard rumors of many other managers actively looking for new work.

Tomorrow’s HART hearing is on Le Grand’s hiring of Teri Wright as HART chief customer experience officer on Feb. 1, 2021, with an annual starting salary of $200,271.75. Wright had previously worked at the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority as director of customer experience from August 2017 until leaving Feb. 5, 2021. But, records show, Wright began working for the New Orleans agency again 14 months after her start date with HART, as the agency’s senior director of communications double dipping with another salary of $155,000. Wright has since resigned from HART.

“Ms. Le Grand must be held accountable for her abhorrent leadership and continued disrespect and intimidation of our members and all HART workers,” said ATU International President John Costa. “To negligently allow one of your trusted senior employees to double dip by working for another transit agency at the same, is shameful, appalling, and an insult to your employees, your riders, and the community you were hired to serve. We call on the HART Board to remove Ms. Le Grand from her position immediately.”

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