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Istat certifies the economic disaster of workers and families, but for Landini “Ok, the price is right!”

In its quarterly survey, the Central Statistical Institute provides an exact photograph of the economic situation, which each of us has been experiencing daily for many months now. The purchasing power of households decreased further, only slightly thanks to the 2.3 percentage point reduction in the savings rate. In practice, one survives by heavily affecting the savings of families. The tax burden is now 42.4%, which means that almost half of the paychecks are robbed.

At the same time, ARERA announces that the price of gas on which consumption in October will be calculated rises to 183.40 euros per megawatt hour, pending the adjustment that will be made on the November bills and which will likely subtract other substantial resources from families.

In the face of these numbers, which complete the already dramatic picture of the exorbitant cost of the electricity bill, increased by 60% from 1 October, which led to the extraordinary national day of struggle on Monday 3 October, during which in many cities hundreds of bills have been burned, there is no provision to protect families and workers’ wages and salaries.

Even the CGIL, which has already expressed its willingness to dialogue with the new government, so as to accompany other reforms favorable to businesses, has a profile that is an understatement to define low. In the last interview with Half an hour in + Landini discovered the cards and made a revolutionary request: pay the bills in installments!

Faced with a dramatic situation determined by speculation on the price of gas, faced with allocations of hundreds of billions to support Ukraine in the war, faced with a real treasure of extra profits of 40 billion set aside by companies in the sector energy, faced with the fact that these companies are all owned by the state or local authorities, Landini’s rabbit with a hat is to pay in installments, that is to postpone the payment of stratospheric bills by a few weeks without asking for measures to reduce the cost. In short, for the CGIL “Ok, the price is right”.

Also at half an hour in + Landini invited everyone on Saturday to Piazza San Giovanni to attend its demonstration, among whose slogans “no to fascism” disappeared. It will be the demonstration to certify the living existence of a burosaurus, alien to the needs and struggles of workers and families.

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