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ITALY: Ex Ilva, USB: from Novi Ligure to Taranto, Passing Through Genoa, the Factory Collapses, and the Most Absolute Silence of Politicians

A fire occurred this morning at the entrance to the decatreno of the Novi Ligure plant, where fortunately no injuries were recorded, but cables, pipes and panels burned down. It is estimated a stop from a minimum of 15/20 days to a maximum of three months.

If for the umpteenth time we come very close to tragedy, it means that what happened at ThyssenKrupp has taught us nothing at all. The capital increase envisaged in the Aid Decree bis must be matched by the change of managers at the head of the plant: the current managers are responsible for the lack of interventions that at each site expose workers to a continuous risk of accidents.

It is time for the state to acquire the majority and start managing the steel plant with common sense, putting an end to a phase in the life of this factory to be archived. We are faced with factories reduced to sieves, which barely keep their feet up, and workers who risk their lives every day.

The state intervenes promptly, before we find ourselves talking about irreparable consequences.

National Steel Coordination USB

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