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ITALY: From the migrants in the square on December 2nd and 3rd, only one cry: regularization for everyone!

The demonstration of December 3 in Rome, and the dozens of cities in Italy that on the 2nd brought to the square thousands of workers, students, evicted, unemployed, strongly represented the decisive presence of migrant workers , the conflicting social subjects fighting by our side give back Definitive credibility to popular struggles, in their most useful and incisive form: the form of class organization, collective and permanent.

The presence of workers from Torretta Antonacci, a place where everyone sees the decay and predict useful interventions only for those who receive disproportionate funding from the government, region, municipality, is the correct representation of the decision of the inhabitants of the “ghetto” to take control of their own destiny, their own emancipation through the important union training course powered by usb. That path of union organization and literacy that has allowed, in recent years, to have union delegates from foreign communities in Italy.

In Torretta, Ragusa, Cassino, Abruzzo, Emilia, Trento, Viterbo, San Ferdinando, Riano there are more and more migrant trade union delegates who are at the forefront of the fight for lower working conditions you, to get out of slavery exploitation operated by unscrupulous owners, to obtain citizenship rights that with the Bossi-Fini law, right and left governments have continuously denied.

The path to the regularization of all foreign workers is the path required to achieving better working conditions for everyone.

We’re not stopping, the demonstration of December 3 and the strike of December 2 have shown us the right path to follow.

USB Migrants

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