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ITALY: Interporto di Trieste, the RSU USB proclaims the strike for the whole day of September 26th

Following the negative outcome of the dialogue attempt and the lack of responses to the issues involved in the dispute, the RSU proclaims the general strike of all employees for the entire day of September 26, 2022.

We Interporto workers do not shirk our responsibilities, what we ask is to be able to actively participate in the growth of our company, and we believe that at the basis of this there must be respect for our work and our person so as to see the recognition of the our contribution and commitment as an added value for the achievement of company objectives.

In fact, it is clear to us that in the face of the challenges that shareholders and the market pose, the company must structure itself adequately as soon as possible, otherwise the increasing complexity of the work will always and only end up weighing on the blue-collar and white-collar personnel without these having the adequate tools. to cope with it.

Issues such as the definition of the result award agreement, the convening of a table to agree on initiatives following the serious accident in Vega, the redefinition of the Logistics Department organization chart, the equalization of the forklift driver’s allowance, the implementation of rest rooms, the refectory and conservation food, the implementation of the Inail Worklimate project can no longer be disregarded.

With the strike proclaimed, we ask the company to immediately call the RSU to give answers to these and other questions on which, despite numerous requests, we have not received feedback so far.

RSU USB of Interporto Spa


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