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ITALY: Massacre of Workers in Brandizzo: USB Calls 24-Hour Strike of all Railway Workers

From USB

The very serious railway accident that last night in Brandizzo, a few kilometres from Turin, killed five maintenance workers, injuring two others, is yet another episode in a story already written, made up of contracts, privatisation, failure to comply with safety regulations, increased work rhythms, and staff cuts.

The result is murders at work, today five bodies dismembered by a train passing at 160 km/h that stopped a kilometre after running over the workers.

We want those who put workers’ lives at risk to pay with severe penalties for their crime.

We want full protection for workers who denounce health and safety omissions.

To protest against this umpteenth demonstration of a criminal lowering of labour protections Usb is calling a 24-hour national strike of all railway workers starting at 15:36 today.

In the light of this very serious incident, the week of initiative that from 4 September will see dozens of garrisons in every region of Italy collecting signatures for the popular initiative law that envisages the institution of the crime of homicide at work becomes even more important.


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