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ITALY: May 1 in Naples, USB Thematic Square Towards the General Strike of May 26

On the occasion of May 1st – International Workers’ Day – the Campania Federation of the Unione Sindacale di Base has called a garrison from 10 am to 1 pm, in Piazza Dante in Naples, to propagate, discuss and deepen the social reasons and objectives of the national general strike called for next 26 May.

The Unione Sindacale di Base has put forward a claim platform that can be summarised in two policy points:


We must stop the ongoing war in the heart of Europe. Enough of weapons and economic resources. Enough increases in military spending. All available resources must be invested in Public Health, Social Services and Environmental Rehabilitation of the territories.


For several years, wages, salaries and pensions have been stagnant. Inflation, cost of living and generalized increase in the cost of tariffs penalize the lives of workers and the popular sectors of society. Our trade union organization calls for substantial wage increases to adequately defend our living and working conditions.

We must build a movement of struggle – in the workplace, in the territories and in society – following the example of what the workers of France, Germany and England are doing.

It is time for the protagonism of workers to build a new season of mobilization and collective struggle in our country – after years of pass-through and resignation.

See you – in the morning of May 1 from 10 to 13 – in Naples, in Piazza Dante, to meet and discuss the initiatives to be implemented in the coming weeks.

USB Federation of Campania

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