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ITALY: Two Important Days of Struggle

Two important days of struggle against the government, the high cost of living and the repression of rights: on Friday 2 the general strike had a large adhesion both in the public and private sectors with transport stopped in most of the country and demonstrations in many cities; on Saturday 3 a beautiful and large demonstration brought the world of work back to the streets in Rome. In spite of the bad weather, labourers marched alongside ILVA workers, firemen alongside trainees, road maintenance workers from Naples with logistics workers from all over Italy, schoolteachers from Rome with social workers, environmental hygiene workers alongside dockers from Livorno, Genoa and Civitavecchia, local transport drivers, railway workers and air transport workers.

It is difficult to reconstruct the list of the many representations and delegations from companies and factories that came to Rome, the civil service sectors and groups from the world of precarious and underpaid work brought to the square by the Federation of Social Workers. The demonstration was enriched by a large contingent of students and a wide array of collectives, committees and political and social organisations. The slogan ‘Lower your weapons, raise your wages’ summarises the meaning of the mobilisation but is not enough to describe the variety of demands that animated the procession nor the complexity of the platform brought to the streets. A trade union, social, environmental platform, attentive to the specificity of migrant workers, the social condition of women, and strongly against the war and the claim of wanting to continue to drag our country into the war adventure in Ukraine.

Struggle is our weapon


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