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ITALY: USB Stand with the Palestinian People

USB, which has always stood by the Palestinian people, condemns the attack on the Jenin refugee camp and the criminal policy of the Zionist state of Israel, and expresses its total solidarity and sympathy with the Palestinian resistance.

According to the latest Palestinian Health Ministry statement, the number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli raid on Jenin has risen to 11, with 120 injured, 20 of them in critical condition.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that Israeli occupation forces raided the government hospital in Jenin and wounded three people inside.

What is happening is yet another massacre of the Palestinian people with the complicit silence of the whole world, governments and institutions.

All the Palestinian resistance organisations in Jenin have continued to confront the Israeli aggression, engaging Tel Aviv troops in violent armed clashes on several quadrants of the city, including with homemade devices, shooting down three drones and damaging a military vehicle.

A general strike was declared for today in the occupied West Bank in protest against the incursion of the Israeli occupation army into the city of Jenin

Shops were closed and life came to a standstill in most cities in the West Bank to stage protests and demonstrations in support of Jenin and confront the soldiers at the contact points.

In Rome for next Friday, the Palestinian community and youth have called for a demonstration in support of Palestinian resistance, meeting at 6pm in Piazza Esquilino ‘to express support and solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people for national liberation and against the Israeli occupation’.

USB will be in every square, with the Palestinian people always

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