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KTAMS strikes on the situation in north Cyprus

KTAMS went on strike on 21-22 September to protest the implementations contradicting the principle of ‘equal pay for equal work, and we will be on strike in several workplaces today; 22th of September.

Last week, KTAMS president Guven Bengihan, a lawyer, and the unionists, who together stood against the decision of denying the invigilation right of the unions in employment tests, were arrested and sued. This has been a bullet fired at democracy. However, we would like to state once again that we will not renounce our rights and democracy and we will continue our struggle with strikes and protests.

KTAMS ensures that will continue to fight for the labourers’ rights and justice, fighting the policies of the governors in north Cyprus who are not willing to take any precaution to protect the purchasing power of the people compelling the society to live below the hunger threshold and attempt to reduce the trade unions to silence by lurching the union rights.

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