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Labor United for Class Struggle (LUCS) Mid-Atlantic Chapter Solidarity Statement with University of Pittsburgh Workers in Their Organizing Campaign

Pittsburgh, PA is famously known as the Iron or Steel City. Not only did the steel industry help grow the Pittsburgh region into the metropolis that it is today, but steel produced in Pittsburgh practically built the country (with Pittsburgh made steel helping to build the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge), as Pittsburgh was the hub for American made steel for over 150 years. Thus, Pittsburgh has a rich history of labor struggles, one that includes the Battle of Homestead, The Great Rail Strike of 1877, the McKees Rocks Strike of 1909. Many unions (both current and defunct) call Pittsburgh home, including the American Federation of Labor and the United Steelworkers union.

Despite Pittsburgh’s rich labor history, the fight for fair representation and class struggle continues in the Steel City. The world’s working class continues to be exploited by the capitalist class, and the workers in Pittsburgh are no exception. LUCS supports the working class’s struggle for fair representation everywhere, so LUCS wishes to extend our congratulations to staff at the University of Pittsburgh for beginning their struggle to be represented by United Steelworkers.

The main demands of the Pitt Staff Union are the same as most unions: fair and equal pay, improved benefits, and improved working conditions. We believe that by negotiating with the University to meet these goals, the union will help drastically improve the lives of Pitt staff, both at work and in their personal lives.

Again, LUCS extends our full support to the struggle for union representation at all five of Pitt’s campuses in any way we can.  We also want to wish the staff good luck as they carry out this struggle.

In solidarity,

LUCS Mid-Atlantic Chapter

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