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Labor United for Class Struggle (LUCS) Statement on AFL-CIO Interference in Roofers Local 36

Labor United For Class Struggle (LUCS) stands in solidarity with the workers of Roofers Local 36 in their desire to associate with the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). All workers deserve the right of chosen representation.

The WFTU was established in 1945 as a replacement to the International Federation of Trade Unions and stands as a class oriented worldwide coalition of unions that presents a militant option for workers across the globe to stand together and fight for their rights. Unions who join the over 105 million workers in the WFTU join the ranks of an organization with a rich history of class struggle.

The workers of Roofers 36 voted in 2016 to rejoin the WFTU through free and fair elections. The blackmail tactics used by the AFL-CIO are anti-democratic and unacceptable. Any attempt to force a union to leave a chosen affiliation with a forced prohibition on reaffiliation in the face of their own election must be condemned, and we at LUCS stand in solidarity with your choice.

The AFL-CIO as a member in the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is trying to keep Roofers 36 tied to ambitions of imperialism. Historically, the ITUC is the continuation of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) which was a C.I.A. orchestrated McCarthyite split from the WFTU. The AFL-CIO leadership is carrying out the plans of the C.I.A. within the international trade union movement by negating the votes of the local’s members.

Furthermore, LUCS stands in solidarity with all workers who wish to join the WFTU. Long live international solidarity.

In Solidarity,

Labor United for Class Struggle (LUCS)

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