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Mobilizations on October 27 and November 10 for wages and pensions

Employees from many professional sectors have been mobilizing for months in their companies or departments to demand and win legitimate salary increases, better working conditions, quality jobs:

  • in refineries,
  • the food industry,
  • nurseries,
  • public transports,
  • energy and nuclear,
  • social organizations,
  • bank-insurance,
  • computer services,
  • industrial maintenance,
  • education,
  • health,
  • trade,
  • metallurgy…

Mobilization is reaching more and more sectors in both the private and public sectors. They and they obtain through their actions with their trade unions the opening of new negotiations and significant wage advances. Today is the time to mobilize in all professional sectors, both public and private.

On October 27 and November 10, everywhere in France, let’s mobilize in companies and services.

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