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On 26 July, the FSM and USB flags fly inside  the Cuban Embassy on the70th anniversary of the Moncada attack

A large delegation of workers and students took part, bringing the greetings and support of the FSM and USB to the Cuban Revolution on the day that commemorates the beginning of the revolutionary journey led by Comandante Fidel Castro.

The Unione Sindacale di Base, following the international call of the  World Federation of Trade Union , together with the Cuban Ambassador to Italy and the staff of the Embassy in Rome, wanted to commemorate the day that has become a symbol of the liberation struggles of Latin American countries and later a reference for peoples all over the world.

Today, Cuba is besieged by Western imperialism in every way: in addition to the economic blockade that has been in place for more than 60 years, the European Parliament has adopted a despicable resolution against the Cuban government, flanking the criminal US blockade.

Today, workers and the exploited all over the world must see the Cuban revolution and the government that leads the people of the small Caribbean island as an indispensable reference for those fighting for the ideals of social justice and solidarity.

Despite enormous economic difficulties, the Cuban social system guarantees health, education, housing and work for the entire population, not a single Cuban dies of hunger, not a single Cuban is exploited in the workplace, not a single minor is forced to work, not a single woman loses her job when she has to take care of her child.

These examples are the real thorn in the side of all the capitalist governments which, in the face of the international economic crisis, the climate crisis caused by the shameful exploitation of nature, are only capable of leading their populations to death and destruction through war and exploitation.

The USB and FSM stand strongly with the Cuban Revolution and its socialist government.

Viva Cuba, Viva the 26th of July, NO TO BLOQUEO

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