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Palestine Trade Unions Call on the International Working Class for Immediate Action

Palestine Trade Unions Call on the International Working Class for Immediate Action
Stop all support for Israel’s crimes!
The workers of the world to demand FREE PALESTINE

Brothers and Sisters, Workers of the world

From bloodied Palestine, the Palestinian working class and our trade unions send our proud salute and our immense gratitude to the millions who have flooded the streets of the cities on all continents shouting FREE PALESTINE!

Against their Governments, the organizations of imperialism, the USA, NATO, the EU, the peoples of the world are standing on the side of our people, standing on the right side of history, which these days is writing with the blood of the Palestinians on its pages the greatest crime of the 21st century.

These are dramatic times. Every hour, every minute, every second that passes, another Palestinian child is murdered by Israel. Our tears have dried up, just as water, food, petrol, and electricity have dried up in the world’s largest prison, in Gaza, the prison of 2 million souls.

What we have left is hope! Hope that our people are not alone against the brutal Israeli occupation and injustice! We are left with the hope that the peoples, the militant trade unions of the world, the world working class will once again stand up and defend their brothers and sisters. In every country of the world the trade unions should spread our message!

Against the governments that crush the rights of their own people and support the murderous state of Israel, demand:

Stop all support, all collaboration with the Murderer State of Israel!

The trade unions of every country to develop actions against the NATO-US killing machine that supports the mass murder of the Palestinian people.

The unions of every country to put obstacles in the way of arming the hand that murders us. To prevent the military, economic arming of Israel

To express mass condemnation against governments and multinationals that persecute the expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

To strengthen the joint actions of the militant trade unions of the World in the struggle for PEACE-FREE PALESTINE

We promise you: Our people will not submit!

No matter how much they hurt us, no matter how much they bleed us, our struggle will continue because we are right and in the end the People will win!

This land, was called Palestine

And its name became Palestine

General Union of Palestine Workers – GUPW
Labor Union Coalition – Palestine
The Palestine New Federation of trade Unions


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