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PAME Big Demonstration in Thessaloniki, Greece

Workers, self-employed, small farmers, women and young people gave a massive response to the government and employers at the rally organised in Thessaloniki by PAME, trade unions and organisations, in the framework of the Thessaloniki International Fair-HELEXPO.


Thousands of workers participated in the rally and the demonstration under the slogan “We fight for life with rights” demanding wage increases, cheap electricity and energy for the people, for life and work with rights, against the anti-worker measures, against the policy that condemns them to poverty, wars, crises. Also PAME gave the floor to the workers of MALAMATINA and Edilmac who are in important struggles in the last period.


The demonstration was a massive and militant response to the Prime Minister’s announcements from the platform of the TIF, where he announced new measures in support of capital profitability. PAME responded by calling for the preparation of a new General Strike in the coming weeks.

Before the demonstration PAME held its Press Conference presenting its new Action Plan and Platform of demands (more info will be published the next days). PAME held the Press Conference at the gates of MALAMATINA Factory in solidarity with the workers’ struggle


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