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PAME Extends Solidarity to Bangladesh Garment Workers

All Workers Militant Front (PAME) and the Textile-Garment Workers’ Federation of Greece express our solidarity with the workers and Garment Federation of Bangladesh who fight for raises of the minimum wage.

Workers of Bangladesh are for years victims of the most brutal exploitation from the big clothes multinationals, which profit by using workers as modern slaves. In addition to starvation wages, workers work in dark ages conditions, with daily crimes by the employers. Most notorious example was the RAMA PLAZA garment factory collapse that killed 1137 workers in 2013.

Against the just demands of the workers, the multinationals, the local industrialists and contractors, with the Government of Bangladesh, respond with persecutions, imprisonments, tortures, and massive layoffs of militant workers.

PAME and the Textile-Garment Workers’ of Greece express our solidarity with the struggle of the garment workers of Bangladesh.

We Demand:

  • Satisfaction of the workers’ just demands.
  • Stop of all persecutions and attacks against the militant workers and their federation.
  • Cancellation of all layoffs of militant workers.
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