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Physical Meeting of TUI Transport, Ports, Fishery and Communication Executive Committee was held in Bouznika, Morocco hosted by ODT Union

The Executive Committee Meeting of TUI Transport, Ports, Fishery and Communication was held in Bouznika, Morocco, between 19-22 September with the great efforts made by Organisation Démocratique Travail (ODT) of Morocco, which is a member of the World Federation of Trade Union. The meeting was attended by Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu, Vice President of the WFTU and General Secretary of TUI Transport, Ricardo Maldonado Olivares, President of TUI TPFC, Matthieu Bolle-Reddat, WFTU Secretariat Member as well as the Executive Committee Members of TUI TPFC from Morocco, Egypt, India, Chile, Portugal, Russia, Brazil, France, Turkey and Cyprus.

In the morning of 19 September, the first part of the meeting started and important discussions and information exchange were made by the participants. After the first part of the meeting, an international conference was held successfully with the title “Sustainable transport, driver of sustainable development, lever for the economy, environmental health and guarantor of food security” which was also attended by several representatives of unions and democratic organizations from Morocco. In the conference, Ali Lotfi, General Secretary of ODT and Hossam El Din Moustafa, President of Maritime Union of Egypt made enlightening presentations related to the theme.

The TUI Meeting continued on the second day, 20 September and the leaders of unions affiliated to TUI Transport, Ports, Fishery and Communication carried out important evaluations related to the strengths and weaknesses of the sectoral organization and the next congress to be held in 2023.

The last part of the meeting held on 21 September also covered some important discussions and rich proposals. On the same day, a workshop was organized with the theme “Social Movements and the Globalization of the Struggle to Confront Neoliberal Globalization, World Social Forums as a Model.”

The series of meetings, international conference and workshop have been a great step for the strengthening of both WFTU and TUI TPFC. As a result, two unions from Morocco, which carry out in the railway and maritime sectors, have officially decided and declared to affiliate with WFTU and TUI Transport, Ports, Fishery and Communication.

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