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SLOVENIA: Workers employed in Divaca-Koper Railway Project Working Under Slavery Conditions

The consortium, formed by the Turkish Construction Company Yapı Merkezi, Özaltın and the local company called Kolektör, carries out the construction of the Divaca-Koper Railway, the biggest construction project in Slovenia. More than 500 workers from Turkey who have different types of professions are working on this construction project. It was stated in the contracts made while the workers were leaving Turkey that the labor code in Slovenia is going to be applied, but the employers did not follow this contract.

  • According to Slovenian labor code, the weekly working time is a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 40 hours. Although this is the case, the daily working time in this construction is more than 15 hours. However, the calculation is made for 12 hours.
  • No overtime allowance is paid for this work.
  • There is no day off on the official or national holidays etc. celebrated in Slovenia or in Turkey.
  • The time from the service to the tunnel and from the tunnel to the working place is not counted as working time. The health card exists however workers cannot benefit from this right.
  • Workers are forced to stay in 6-persons rooms in unhealthy, inhumane conditions in their shelters. There are no social benefits, including the food fee.
  • As if all this were not enough, arbitrary pay cut is applied from monthly wages and no explanation is made.
  • In Slovenia, workers doing the same work as the workers on this project receive at least 50% more wages.

Representing more than 105 million workers in 133 countries on 5 continents, the World Federation of Trade Unions defends the rights of Divaca-Koper Workers in Slovenia and their class struggle in order to provide the workers on the project with a working environment worthy of human dignity and a decent wage.

The organized struggle of workers for their rights arising from international conventions, laws in Slovenia and agreements made in Turkey is going to continue in all areas.

We will also launch initiatives to be directed to the employers, Kolektör Yapı Merkezi officials, Slovenian Embassy and Consulate.

We call on Slovenian authorities and Kolektör Yapı Merkezi to respect the rights of workers working in the Slovenian Divaca-Koper Railway Project arising from international contracts, Slovenian laws and contracts made in Turkey.

Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu

Vice President of World Federation of Trade Unions 


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