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The CGT of the SANOFI group will call a strike on October 18, 2022.

In view of 2022 inflation, the miserable general salary increase of 1% in 2021 and the ever-increasing economic results, it is clear that SANOFI owes employees money! And it is not with a bonus of €400 gross paid in July 2022, for salaries below €40,000 gross, (bonus which affects more than 50% of SANOFI employees), that the account is there! Bills are on the rise, wages are stagnating so
employees are losing purchasing power, it can’t go on! This call to strike is not a “preventive” call, this one concerns the 2022 increases, 2023 will be another story.

The SANOFI group now expects net earnings per share to grow by around 15% for 2022, against a 1% increase in wages for 2022. It is impossible to continue to remunerate Capital ever more to the detriment of those who produce the wealth. This plunder can not go on!

The same goes for employment, which has been in free fall for 14 years, with permanent employees in France which have fallen from 27,500 in 2008 to 19,964 in 2022.

We demand hiring and fast! ! !

October 13, 2022

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