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ITALY: The Dragoni Government and the country on the bill: against the high cost of living Monday 3 October mobilization of USB in the Italian squares The appointments

She has not yet taken office and has already explained that she was joking. Giorgia Meloni is disciplined every day to go to class with Professor Draghi. From that government that you have always contested, securing victory in the elections, you now want to learn all the secrets of good governance.

Throwing away the alleged differences proclaimed to capture votes, here is resurrecting pro-Atlanticism, economic caution, the rejection of the budget variance that could give the economy a little breath, the condemnation of Germany’s choice to go it alone, forgetting that his part has always represented the homegrown parody of nationalism and sovereignty.

To counter the hyperbolic increase of 60% in energy bills announced as of tomorrow, October 1st, it relies on the European Union without imagining any intervention against the speculation that has produced the rush in the price of gas and the simultaneous, parallel affirmation on the US gas market which benefits like no other from the “mysterious” attack on the gas pipeline that brought the precious Russian raw material to Europe.

Mr. Dragoni is also working out the financial maneuver for next year, thus confirming, despite the impetuous change of horse, that there will be no substantial changes to the market system subordinated to the choices of the European Union on the management of the economic crisis and the war. which continues to drain enormous public resources to support Ukraine militarily.

In the meantime, the moment of the economic failure of Italian families and businesses is approaching dangerously and we do not see on the horizon a change of course on the unlimited trust in the miraculous virtues of the market and finance.

As usual, you have to do it yourself, and then let’s start by filling the squares on 3 October on the International Day to Fight the Crisis and the Cost of Living . We will be all over Italy in front of the major energy companies and the offices of their major shareholders, starting with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which in this crisis are enriching themselves as never before. At the same time we will present to the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office a complaint against all the conducts put in place by the companies that trade gas, electricity and petroleum products to the detriment of the community, speculating on the differences between how much they paid for raw materials and the price at which they are reselling them. .


The appointments of Monday 3 October (being updated)

Novara – 16:00 – Hours corner, intersection corso Italia-corso Cavour

Milan – 5.00 pm – procession from Store Eni Plenitude in corso Buenos Aires / via P. Castaldi to the Arera headquarters in piazza Cavour 5

Schio (Vicenza) – 12:00 – Ascopiave, via Cementi 37

Trieste – 11 am – Acegas, via del Teatro 5

Bologna – 12:30 pm – Hera, viale Carlo Berti Pichat 2/4

Florence – 4.30 pm – San Donato Novoli shopping center

Livorno – 12:00 – Eni Store, Dutch airports 42

Pisa – 3.00 pm – Eni, viale Bonaini 77

Spoleto – 5.30 pm – Snam operations center, via III Settembre 228

Rome – 4.00 pm – Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, via Goito 4

Naples – 10:30 am – Deposit and Loan Bank, via Verdi 18

Taranto – 9:00 am – Prefecture of Taranto, via Anfiteatro 4

Cagliari – 10:00 am – Enel, via Roma at the corner with Viale Regina Margherita

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