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The WFTU condemns the mass layoffs of workers at bay textiles ltd. In Bangladesh

The WFTU, representing 105 million workers across the five continents denounces the condemnable decision of Bay Textiles LTD to lay off 700 workers in the garment unit in the factory.

The workers of the company organized strikes and sit-ins in the factory after their demands were ignored, as the company management refused to pay a sum of the worker’s wages for the months of April, May, and June and the wages for the month of July.

The strike ended After the workers had assurance from the industrial police that their demands will be met only to be surprised the next day that the factory closed and all of them were expelled without any notice beforehand.

The WFTU expresses its unconditional solidarity with the workers and their just demands. The WFTU fully condemns the company that insists to ignore the rights of the workers and demands their immediate reinstatement.

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