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TUI Transport: Preparatory Meeting for the Maritime Sector in Cyprus

TUI Transport of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and SEGDAMELIN PEO held a preparatory meeting on the 16th of May in Cyprus for the Maritime Sector of the TUI. The meeting was attended by maritime labour organizations from Cyprus, Russia and Egypt and was greeted by the Secretary General of PEO Sotiroulla Charalambous and the General Secretary of the WFTU Pambis Kyritsis.

The G.S. PEO briefed the members of the preparatory committee on the labour issues in Cyprus, which are before the Trade Union Movement in Cyprus today. The WFTU spoke about the importance and the role of TUIs so that they can meet the needs of workers in the sector and assert their rights vigorously.

On behalf of SEGDAMELIN PEO, which hosted the preparatory meeting, G.C. Natia Kyritsis stressed the importance of the organization of the Maritime Sector under TUI Transport and the specialization in the issues of seafarers and their collective convention as well as the safeguarding of their rights.

The preparatory committee decided to hold in October 2024 a founding Conference of the Maritime Sector under the International Transport Union of the WFTU.

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