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TÜRKIYE: Nakliyat-İş organized protest action at Slovenia Consulate in Istanbul in solidarity with 500 tunnel construction workers

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The consortium, formed by the Turkish Construction Company Yapı Merkezi, Özaltın and the local company called Kolektör, carries out the construction of the Divaca-Koper Railway, the biggest construction project in Slovenia. More than 500 workers from Turkey who have different types of professions are working on this construction project. It was stated in the contracts made while the workers were leaving Turkey that the labor code in Slovenia is going to be applied, but the employers did not follow this contract.

Nakliyat-İş union organized a solidarity action at the Consulate of Slovenia in Istanbul in order to defend the rights of workers employed in Divaca-Koper Railway Project in Slovenia. In the solidarity action, Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu, Vice President of World Federation of Trade Unions made a press release and stated the unconditional support and solidarity of both WFTU and Nakliyat-İş union with the workers in Slovenia who are working under slavery conditions. Küçükosmanoğlu also underlined that WFTU will monitor the situation about the workers’ problems in not only Slovenia but also in all around the world.

“Representing more than 105 million workers in 133 countries on 5 continents, the World Federation of Trade Unions defends the rights of Divaca-Koper Workers in Slovenia and their class struggle in order to provide the workers on the project with a working environment worthy of human dignity and a decent wage,” he stated.

We once again call on Slovenian authorities and Kolektör Yapı Merkezi to respect the rights of workers working in the Slovenian Divaca-Koper Railway Project arising from international contracts, Slovenian laws and contracts made in Turkey.

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