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WFTU Announcement Regarding the New Layoffs at Amazon

A new massive layoff round was announced by the CEO of Amazon affecting 9000 workers adding up to 27 thousand layoffs for the year 2023 as part of their new operation plan.

This is not the first time that the amazon company is in the spotlight for labor rights violations, as it was the company was reported numerous times for violations of worker rights, in its efforts to raise its profits. The amazon company is notorious for its anti-labor policies and its fierce war on workers attempts to unionize.

The amazon company has made all record profits over the years putting it in the lead of capital antagonisms, especially in the years following the covid-19 pandemic, while people were suffering because of the pandemic and economies were collapsing the company was capitalizing on the pandemic. making huge profits selling protective gear and sanitary products.

The company’s capital grew by 220% in the first quarter following the pandemic, which led to hiring more workers, and as the danger of the pandemic was still in full swing, workers reported the company not taking the necessary safety measures against the spread of the Coronavirus, which put the lives of workers at risk.

As announced by amazon the layoffs are part of the new operating plan, in order to allocate resources for the best of the company in the long term, prioritizing the long-term health of the business. Amazon is a capitalist behemoth making profits by exploiting workers and capitalizing on the crisis.

The WFTU representing 105 million workers across the world, demands the immediate reinstatement of workers and the ensuring of dignified working conditions and wages.

The WFTU denounces the anti-labor policies performed by the amazon company, to achieve their goals of higher profits to dominate the capitalist market. We express our full solidarity with Amazon workers.

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