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WFTU Condemns the New Barbaric Crimes of the Israeli State in Jenin, Palestine

The crimes of the Israeli occupation continue to escalate against the Palestinian people, the Israeli government has launched a new attack against Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, using tanks, drones, helicopters and bulldozers.

During this attack 9 Palestinians have been killed while hundreds were injured and many are in critical condition. According to Palestinian ministry of health the death toll might rise as the attack is still going on.

This new crime adds to the long list of horrendous crimes committed against the Palestinian people, where the Israeli occupation forces have destroyed homes and infrastructure and forcibly removed people out of their homes, murdering Palestinian people indiscriminately in the process, with the political cover and economic support of the USA, NATO and their allies. The occupation prime minister already has thanked the United States for its support

The World Federation of Trade Unions strongly condemns the crimes against humanity that are being committed on a daily basis by the Israeli occupation, the continuous massacres and ethnic cleansing, the apartheid regime, land theft, the murdering and arrest of Palestinians on charges of defending their land.

WFTU will continue to fight alongside the Palestinian, against imperialism, colonialism, occupation and apartheid.

The WFTU calls on all its affiliates and the militant class-oriented trade unions to express their international solidarity towards the Palestinian people to condemn the actions of the Israeli occupation and the dirty role of the United States and its allies, and calls on them to organize protests all over the world.

Long live Palestine!

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people for their freedom!

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