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WFTU–EUROF in solidarity with CGT Energie

EUROF, the European office of the WFTU, strongly condemns the Macron government’s attempt to take revenge for the huge mobilisations that have taken place in France in recent months by carrying out repression against the trade union leaders who have led the struggle. In the last few days, SébastienMenesplier, leader of the CGT Energy, was summoned to the police station with the clear intention of promoting repressive measures against him.

The CGT Energy was one of the most active, determined and imaginative actors in the actions of struggle and played a decisive role in the spread of the general strikes. Macron seems to want to follow the old rule “strike one to educate a hundred”, but the unity of the struggle front will not allow this.

Eurof, which unreservedly supported the protest against the attack on French workers’ pensions, was present with its own representatives during the days of struggle against the pension reform and will continue to stand by the protagonists of these extraordinary days of struggle and calls on all trade union organisations in Europe that are members of FSM to show solidarity and support to SébastienMenesplier, CGT Energie.

Repression will not pass

The struggle continues in France and all over Europe

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