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WFTU-EUROF: Solidarity with the General Strike of PAME

Eurof, European regional office WFTU is alongside November 9 National General Strike of PAME  invite all the european trade unions to support this important strike. All around Europe strikes and mobilizations are going on against this situation.

The capitalist crisis deepens and Europe’s workers see their lives getting worse, workers’ class struggles are flaring up in a number of countries. After Britain and the mobilizations raised almost completely by the trade union bases in postal services, refineries, telecommunications, dockers, energy, healthcare services, airports,  in Spain,  the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, in Italy,  in France with the big struggle and  the mass strike of refinery and petrochemical workers, in Greece with the many struggles and the next general strike. These battles of our class are characterized by their size and determination. The bourgeois already feel that the times of social peace they have enjoyed are coming to an end.

On 9 November PAME goes on strike in Greece, the solidarity and support of the class unions is our weapon. FOR THE OVERTHROWING of the anti-people’s policy that generates poverty, hunger, exploitation and wars, that leaves the people freezing so as to warm the profits of the business groups FOR THE DEMAND for substantial increases in wages and pensions, for collective agreements that guarantee stable work with rights, for electricity and basic goods cheap for the peopleWe don’t let the bills running and the stress of survival drown us! We stand up now against the business groups, the government, the EU and all the institutions of the system of exploitation, the modern vultures that call us to adapt to poverty, hunger, cold and ultimately death! Now we all need the struggle and the struggle needs us all! To protect our lives! The choice of class struggle is our own path.


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