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WFTU European Office condemns the Israeli aggression in Jenin

Ten dead and dozens injured, some of them seriously, are the result, unfortunately not definitive, of the air attack launched by the Israeli army tonight on the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

As we have come to expect from Israel whenever the Zionist state is in political trouble, either internally or in its international relations, this time too it is using aggression against the Palestinian people to try to rebuild the country.

The internal protests after the judicial reform, the increasing isolation in the Middle East after the return of Syria to the Arab League and the beginning of the reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, under the political patronage of China, are creating enormous difficulties for Israel’s plans to continue its systematic policy of aggression and violence against the Palestinian people until its total annihilation.

Eurof, the European regional office of the World Federation of Trade Unions, strongly condemns the umpteenth attack on the Palestinian people in Jenin and expresses its full solidarity and support to the Palestinian resistance. it calls on the European governments to condemn Israel’s expansionist policy without hesitation and to recall their ambassadors, thus showing absolute distance from the murderous strategy of the Zionist state of Israel.

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