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WFTU General Secretary Kyritsis Speech at AITUC Rally

Dear comrades,

On behalf of  more than  105 million members of the World Federation of Trade Unions from 133 countries from all corners of the earth,  I convey to you  militant red greetings.

We express our class solidarity to your mass and militant struggles against the Modi’s governance neoliberal policies. Struggles

to defend the democratic and trade union freedoms, the collective bargaining and the stable, permanent, and agreements-regulated work

The crisis of capitalism it deepens all over the world. Resulting in the open violation of democratic and trade union rights, the deterioration of working and living conditions and the dramatic widening of social inequalities, poverty, and exploitation.

The big capital and it’s political representatives, were using the pretext of the pandemic to attack on fundamental democratic and trade union rights, like the right to strike,  to demonstrate and to be organized. They doing whatever they can to transfer the results of the crisis to the shoulders of  the working class, to the pensioners, to the farmers, to the poorer part of the self-employed people.

The uncontrollable increase of the prices; especially to the necessary goods for the daily life, as well the “energy poverty”, it is another way to cut the salaries and to protect and increase the profits. By this way, not only the result of the pandemic and the economic crisis but also the war of NATO with Russia in Ukraine, they want to be paid by the working class.

For this reason, the USA, the NATO and the EU, attempt to present the situation as a war between liberalism and authoritarianism.  Thinking that this way, their own criminal role can be hushed up.  But this dirty  role is clearly visible in  so many  imperialist wars and interventions.   Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, Cyprus and so many other places .Cuba and Venezuela embargos  and so many sanctions and economic wars. They are hawks, not pigeons. Peace is not being protected by even more militarism or patronage of all kinds of far-right nationalists and fascists. It cannot be based on blockades, sanctions and economic wars.

The working class is fighting for permanent and stable peace, for the dissolution of NATO and all military coalitions and for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Through remarkable struggles, like the today incredible massive and militant  rally, the workers all over the world refuse to pay for the capitalist crisis and the imperialist wars.  WFTU affiliates, in the militant spirit of the resent 18th congress we had in Rome last May, are at the forefront of these struggles drmanding the satisfaction of the contemporary needs of the workers at all levels: salary, employment, security, culture, and mental.

But what is the response of the bourgeois governments to the just popular demands. The sharpening of state repression and authoritarianism, Unfortunately with the cooperation or the tolerance of surrendered trade union leaders together with yellow unions.

The arrest of the Secretary General of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC),  Luca Visentini, for a corruption scandal linked with the cover-up of terrible crimes against thousands of workers in Qatar, reminds one more time, how important are the struggles  to protect the trade unions autonomy and their class orientation, away from bureaucracy, corruption, and manipulation by the capital and employers.

Dear comrades, brothers and sisters

The AITUC 42nd conference, which is so successfully concluded today , is a very important event not only for you but for all of us, for  the world class-oriented trade union movement.

On behalf of our world federation, I welcome the newly elected leadership of AITUC, the re-elected comrades and the comrades who are being elected for the first time. I particularly welcome the re-election of comrade Amarjjet Kaur,a prominent leadership figure not only of the Indian, but also for the world class labor movement.

The AITUC is one of the largest and most historic trade union centres,  with a pure class orientation and with a leading role through the ranks of the WFTU.

Your struggles to defend and expand the rights and improve the quality of life of Indian workers are important not only for you, but also for the workers in Europe, in Africa, in Latin and north America. The attack to the working class gains and rights, it is very hart and is global-wide. The monopolies and multinational giants, while fiercely competing for control of markets and raw materials, at the same time, they are cooperating, on the attack against labor and social rights.

Our weapon is Solidarity and internationalism. For the workers who resist, who do not compromise with oppression, discrimination and  exploitation, there is only one path to follow and this is the path of dignity, the path of the struggles.

Keep going comrades! With unity and decisiveness and be sure that you can always rely on the solidarity and the support of the international class-oriented trade union movement.

Be sure that your struggles for the new India, India of progress, freedom, working and social rights, it is also our own struggle. It is an integral part of the struggle for a better world, free of imperialist wars, refugees and economic migrants; a world without man-by-man exploitation.

Long live the working class straggles for peace and social justice
Long live AITUC and the working class of India
Long live the WFTU

Thank you

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