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WFTU Participates in the AIBEA 29th National Conference

The WFTU affiliate AIBEA (All India Bank Employees Association), the oldest and large trade union of Bank Employees in India is holding its 29th National Conference of All India Bank Employees Association in Mumbai from 13th to 15th May, 2023.

Delegates from all the Banks from all the States of India are taking part in the Conference and also a large international participation of leaders from several countries are attending the conference to greet it and to exchange their views and expenses. The international delegates are coming from Bangladesh, Brazil, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Palestine, Sri Lanka, and Syria.

The AITUC General Secretary and WFTU Vice-President, Amarjeet Kaur inaugurated the conference.

The WFTU General Secretary, Pambis Kyritsis, addressed the opening session of the conference as Chief Guest and in his intervention analyzed the global development and the WFTU priorities mentioning also the following:

“I sincerely thank the leadership of AIBEA and personally, it’s G.S., comrade C.H. Venkatachalam for the invitation to attend and address your Conference on behalf of the World Trade Union Federation.”

“AIBEA is a valued and historic member of the WFTU with a significant role in the foundation, development, and leadership of BIFU, the class-oriented International Bank Employees’ Trade Union, while comrade Venkatachalam is repeatedly elected by the WFTU Presidential Council as the Chairman of the Finance Control Committee of the WFTU.”

“The crisis of the system certainly does not leave unaffected the financial sector. In the finance sector, just as in other sectors, it is the bank and insurance workers and their families who actually pay the consequences of rampant thirst for profits and dividends. Privatizations, mergers, collapses are now a daily practice in the banking system. A practice linked to mass layoffs and attacks against collective agreements and collective bargaining, on the wages and pension rights of bank workers.”

“Unfortunately, the present Government in India by promoting adverse changes in labour laws and privatization of many public sector companies and institutions is pursuing such policies which are helping only the richer sections and the capitalist classes. For those who resist, and who do not compromise with oppression, discrimination, and man-by-man exploitation, the path of dignity is the path of the struggles. We know that the All-Indian Bank Employees Association, which is a leading organization, has been taking initiatives to build a united front of Bank and Insurance Unions and to organize struggles to defeat Bank invalidation and save public sector Banks.”

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