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WFTU Solidarity Statement with the New Strike in France

The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its undivided solidarity with the workers and trade unions of France that continue and culminate the relentless struggle against the pension reforms with a new nationwide strike on 23 March 21, 2023.

We congratulate the WFTU affiliates in France and the militant class-oriented trade unions who are at the forefront of this huge and massive struggle for the withdrawal of the anti-people and anti-Labour pension reform of the French government. This is a crucial fight not only for the working class in France it is a fight for all workers and pensioners.

It is a universal fight against the anti-people policies of the bourgeois governments that promote increasing of the retirement age.

 It is a fight against the interests of big capital and multinationals aiming at the abolition of social security and the privatization of the pensions system.

It is a fight against the neoliberal analysis that links life expectancy with the retirement age shamelessly alluding that the purpose of life is just to work until death.

It is a struggle against the autocratic perception and oppressing practices that violate even the most fundamental democratic and trade union freedoms banning and oppressing any popular struggle and resistance.

The WFTU once again calls upon its affiliates and friends, the militant and class-oriented trade union all over the world to express their practical support and organize activities before the French embassies or elsewhere declaring their unconditional solidarity with the just demands of French workers.

The Secretariat


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