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WFTU solidarity statement with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons

30 Palestinian prisoners continue their hunger strike for the 11th day in the Israeli prisons in a demonstration against their illegal detention and detainment conditions.

The detainees started their strike on the 26th of September against the so-called “administrative detention” which is used against the Palestinian people in order to detain trade unionists and other militants for long periods of time without trial.

This policy is being continuously implemented against Palestinians to justify the detention without accusations of crimes for unspecified periods of time with many Palestinians being detained for years without any trial.

According to the latest statistics the occupation authorities ordered since the beginning of this year 1365 “administrative detentions”, including several children. Also, during the detention period detainees suffer from physical and psychological torture.

The WFTU expresses its internationalist solidarity with the militant struggle of the detainees and demands the immediate release of the Palestinian political prisoners. The WFTU demands to put an end to these policies that constitute a violation of all international treaties in regard to detention and imprisonment conditions.

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