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WFTU solidarity statement with the striking workers in the United Kingdom

A new wave of strikes starts in the UK, with a series of strikes organized to begin on the 18th of March, the strikes are being organized by trade unions across various sectors, including the health sector, public sector, education, and underground railways also, the private sector as storage workers of AMAZON will go on strike.

The demands of workers for wage increases haven’t been met, and the struggle will take place in the streets until the demands of the working class will be met. These strikes are taking place as part of the worldwide reactions of the working class against inflation and the deterioration of the purchasing power of their wages.

The WFTU representing 105 million workers across the 5 continents, expresses its solidarity with the striking workers across the United Kingdom, and its full support to the workers in their just demands for wage increases, in order for the workers to face the results of the capitalist crisis for better living conditions.


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