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WFTU Solidarity Statement with the Workers and People of Turkey, Syria, and Everyone Affected by the Earthquake

The WFTU expresses its full solidarity with the people of Turkey, Syria who are in need of urgent assistance after the earthquake that struck the region in the early hours of this morning and killed hundreds of people, and caused huge material damage.

Our colleagues in the affected areas are not alone!

All the militant trade union organizations around the world must show their solidarity in action right now!

Solidarity and action by trade unions and the people have always been a protection shield and effective assistance to the victims of disasters. We call all our affiliates to stand by the side of our brothers in Turkey, Syria, and other affected areas and show their internationalist solidarity by any means possible.

We demand the implementation of immediate and adequate measures to ensure that no other lives will be lost and we demand the restoration and financial support of the affected areas and people.


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