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WFTU Solidarity Statement with the Workers the Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association (AMCCA)

The World Federation of Trade Unions express its support and solidarity to the workers of Air Mauritius Ltd for the Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association (AMCCA).

Air Mauritius Ltd administration has long been avoiding negotiating with the workers, with the excuse of section 72a of the Workers’ Rights Act, thereby allowing Air Mauritius Ltd. during Voluntary Administration to bypass any negotiations with unions through a regulation signed by the Minister of Labor.

The latest issue is a letter from management requesting Yogita Babboo occupying the post of President of AMCCA (on forced leave without pay actually) an explanation on an interview given on a radio in the capacity as President of AMCCA, as a mere employee.

The WFTU strongly condemns these acts that are being carried by the administration of Air Mauritius Ltd against trade unionists, which is a clear violation of trade unions democratic rights and freedoms, and an attack on the workers’ rights and their freedom.

AMCCA workers can always rely on the support and solidarity of the WFTU, in their struggle to defend their rights and freedoms.

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