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WFTU Statement Against the Blockade Imposed by United States Government against Cuba

The World Federation of Trade Unions representing 92 million workers in every corner of the world demands the immediate elimination of the imperialists’ blockade in Cuba. WFTU has always been and will be on the side of the Cuban people ans every peoples in the world who rise up against the imperialists’ interventions and policies. We strongly believe that the people of each country are responsible to decide for their own present and future without the burdens of the monopolies and bourgeois governments.

On October 26th Cuba introduces the report at the General Assembly of the United Nations demanding the elimination of the United States against Cuba. It’s proved that the embargoes, blockades and discrimination have nothing to do with democracy and freedom. The words are used as an excuse, they use them hypocritically. In reality, they aim to force the heroic people of Cuba to bend in front of the Imperialists and their plots in the region.

We call all the WFTU affiliates and friends to take solidarity actions and initiatives in their countries, to defend by any means the right of Cuban and all the peoples of the world to decide democratically and freely for their future in politics and economy.

The Secretariat

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