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WFTU Statement of Solidarity with Indefinite Strike in France

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 105 million workers in 135 countries, expresses its solidarity with the workers of France who will go on an indefinite strike, on Tuesday, March 7, against the pension, a reform project that President Macron wants to impose.

Indeed, after 5 days of strikes and demonstrations throughout the country since January 19, the class-oriented trade unionists of France have decided to launch a new strike in the strategic sectors of the country to make the government bend.

Calls for a renewable strike and economic blockage have been launched among railway workers, at the RATP, in refineries, in energy, in Agroalimentary factories, in trade, in chemicals, in ports and docks, among garbage collectors and sewer workers, highly organized sectors where the WFTU has many affiliates in France.

The challenge is to lead all the workers and the popular masses to get out of the losing strategy of “trade union lobbying” and “social dialogue” to go and demand, through strikes and struggle, the satisfaction of goals against a government that brutally defends the exclusive interests of the big capitalist companies.

Far from the hypocritical support of the ETUC and the ITUC for the “demonstrations”, the WFTU will strongly commit itself to the unfailing and concrete support of the strikers in France, as it did in 2019.

We call on all WFTU affiliates to concretely express their support for the workers of France in the struggle.

Comrades and workers of France: as in 2019 when you brought down President Macron’s points-based retirement plan, we have confidence in your militant spirit and your ability to win!

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