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WFTU Statement of Solidarity with the Amazon Workers Strike in Germany

The World Federation of Trade Unions, the most historic international trade union organization representing more than 105 million workers who work, live, and struggle in 133 countries of the 5 continents, expresses its internationalist solidarity with the new strike of workers in the multinational Amazon.

The workers of Amazon’s warehouses in Leipzig, Germany are on 2-days strike, demanding a collective labour agreement and wage increase for both regular workers and apprentices. The international class-oriented trade union movement joins its voice with the struggling workers and supports their just demand for dignified wages, and agreement-regulated work, as well as the labor agreement to be binding for the company.

This new Amazon workers’ struggle is added to the list of the recent strikes of workers in Amazon in other warehouses in the USA, underlying the huge wave of struggles all over the globe against the unacceptable low salaries and miserable working conditions prevailing in multinational companies that earn countless profits from the workers’ sweat and blood.

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