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WFTU Statement on the Occasion of the International Migrants Day

We express our deep class solidarity with the millions of immigrant workers, the millions of refugees who are facing double exploitation, as part of the working class, but also as immigrants.

All workers, whether they are foreigners or locals are class brothers and our struggles are common, no matter the nationality, race, color of skin or religion are.

The WFTU calls upon the international working class, to keep expressing its solidarity with immigrants and refugees, especially now, when imperialist wars and aggression have created huge waves of refugees.

Racial discrimination and other types of discrimination are created and kept alive by the monopolies, the transnational corporations, the imperialist mechanisms and the reactionary governments in order to divide workers and safeguard the interests of the capital, maintaining class exploitation.

The WFTU and its affiliates and friends in every corner of the world will keep fighting for the interests of the working class, against racial discrimination created by capitalist barbarism.
Based on this the WFTU calls for:

  • The abolishment of the Dublin and the Schengen Treaty, the Frontex and all repressive mechanisms.
  • Stopping the measures of the European Union for the repression in the borders.
  • End now the imperialist interventions of EU-USA-NATO.
  • Direct transfer of the refugees from the islands and the entry points to the countries of their final destination.
  • Increase of the personnel and the infrastructure for the rescue, the record-identification, the housing, feeding, medical care and the safe transfer of the people.
  • Creation of dignified centers of welcoming and hospitality


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