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WFTU Statement on the Premeditated Attack on Rafah

The murderous state of Israel, continuing its methodical tactic of genocide and the total expulsion of the Palestinians from their land, is proceeding with its premeditated attack on Rafah. The intensifying aggression and the imminent attack is going to multiply the civilian and child victims in the Gaza Strip. The rejection by the Netanyahu government of any proposal for a ceasefire confirms their intentions, which are a danger to the planet and to humanity.

All this is taking place with the tolerance and support that Israel receives from the USA, the EU and their allies to continue the bloodshed in Palestine. The suffering Palestinian people are “fed up” with announcements of support.

We repeat, however, that this is not enough. The brutality that is unfolding is to such an extent that immediate, decisive and drastic measures are required. International conventions and resolutions must finally be implemented. The international community must actively demand that Israel put an end to the massacre it is committing.

The WFTU expresses its solidarity with students in the US, Europe and elsewhere, who despite the repression, have flooded dozens of universities demanding an end to the massacre and the non-engagement of their countries in the crime against the Palestinian people. It reiterates its call to its affiliates and friends to intensify all actions in solidarity with Palestine through mass demonstrations, mobilizations, protests, strikes, initiatives and struggles of various forms, using the means of military, commercial, academic and institutional boycotts.

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