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WFTU Statement on World Day for Immigrants and Refugees

On this June 20, 2022, commemorative day of the International Day for Immigrants and Refugees, the World Federation of Trade Unions, present in 130 countries of the world with 105,000,000 members, calls, in accordance with the Rome Declaration on the basis of its Theses and Priorities, as decided during its 18th Congress held in Rome, Italy from May 06 to 08, 2022, for the need for peace, the banishment of the exploitation of man by man as well as the just wealth redistribution.

The WFTU reminds that imperialist military conflicts generate migration and refugee crisis. There are also the antagonisms between powerful States, which seek to control the natural resources of the people for the profits of the multinationals; it is none other than the exploitation itself which divides societies between the rich and the poor.

The exploitation and looting of the wealth of underdeveloped countries is the driving force behind poverty and migration.

The alleviation of the external debt of the so-called poor countries is one of the major and diachronic priorities of the militant international trade union movement.

At the same time, we defend the lives and rights of migrants and refugees.

We oppose neo-Nazism.

As class-oriented international trade union movement, we will continue and strengthen our struggle for the protection and rights of migrant and refugee workers. At the same time, with the COVID-19 pandemic, all States must take all necessary measures for the unconditional vaccination of all migrant workers, refugees, and for their access to public health care. Immigrants and refugees have the right to protection from the COVID 19 pandemic.

We will continue to denounce racism and discrimination against migrant workers and to promote the united struggles of local and migrant workers, regardless of their race, origin, language, religion, etc. to meet their contemporary needs.

We demand Public Services for migrants and refugees with all the necessary and permanent staff, without the involvement of NGOs.

We say no to wars provoked by the imperialists and their lackeys.

No to anti-immigrant laws.

No to slavery and the exploitation of man by man.

Yes to equal social and labor rights for all workers in the world wherever they are.

Nobody is alone in the class struggles!

For the WFTU, the working class is one and indivisible!

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