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ITALY: USB Solidarity Statement with PAME General Strike in Greece November 9

ALL in the struggle! All in the GENERAL STRIKE on November 9!

The economic crisis, war and governments in the pay of the EU and NATO are leading to a sharp deterioration in the living conditions of millions of workers and citizens. A generalised increase in the prices of all basic necessities and of electricity and gas bills

The absence of serious measures to support the income and consumption of workers, pensioners and the unemployed, and the desire to allocate the bulk of available resources exclusively to supporting big business and a resounding increase in military spending.

In the face of this dramatic situation, what is needed is redistribution of resources, aimed at hitting the large assets accumulated over the past decades, in order to reduce inequalities and promote the defence of a large part of the population.
The escalation of war and the looming danger of the use of tactical nuclear weapons must push us all to act together for a serious and neutral international peace initiative. Without peace it will be very difficult to get out of an economic crisis of war that is being paid for, as always, by the working class and less well-off throughout Europe.

The general strike is the fundamental weapon the workers have to oppose anti-grassroots economic policies and to stop the war. The struggles in France, Britain and other countries must see us united and fighting. USB called a general strike in Italy for the next 2nd of December. Stopping the country is a strong signal especially if it is generalised across the territory to relaunch schools, health, public services and welfare.

FOR THE OVERTHROWING of the anti-people’s policy that generates poverty, hunger, exploitation and wars, that leaves the people freezing so as to warm the profits of the business groups
FOR THE DEMAND for substantial increases in wages and pensions, for collective agreements that guarantee stable work with rights, for electricity and basic goods cheap for the people
We don’t let the bills running and the stress of survival drown us! We stand up now against the business groups, the government, the EU and all the institutions of the system of exploitation, the modern vultures that call us to adapt to poverty, hunger, cold and ultimately death!

On 9 November PAME goes on strike in Greece, the solidarity and support of the class unions is our weapon.

Now we all need the struggle and the struggle needs us all! To protect our lives!



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