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CANADA: IATSE Solidarity Statement with CUPE-OSBCU

The IATSE stands in solidarity with education workers in Ontario, represented by CUPE-OSBCU (Ontario School Board Council of Unions). We support the important work done by these 55,000 education assistants, school library workers, administrative assistants, custodians, tradespeople, early childhood educators, instructors, social workers, and more. These workers deserve fair compensation and equity.

The invocation of the Notwithstanding Clause is heavy-handed and will set a dangerous and negative precedent for unions in Ontario. It was not designed to be used as a hammer in the negotiation process, nor as a tool to disrupt free and fair collective bargaining.

The IATSE represents 34,000 members working behind the scenes in film, television, and live performance. As the crew, we understand the importance of work that often goes unseen and is therefore often not understood or appreciated. The work of CUPE-OSBCU members is critical to communities and more broadly, to a functional and successful society.

The IATSE stands in solidarity with our sisters, brothers, and kin in CUPE-OSBCU as they fight for the hiring of more education workers, and for a meaningful increase to wages. They deserve nothing less.

In solidarity,
John Morgan Lewis
Director of Canadian Affairs
International Vice President


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