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GREECE: Solidarity with the Strikes of the Workers in Belgium France

PAME welcomes the great strike struggles of the workers of Europe. We stand by the workers of Belgium and France who are on strike on November 9 and 10 demanding wage increases and measures against inflation.

The workers of Greece also are going on a National General strike on November 9 under the slogan “The many will not freeze to warm the profits of the few. Now Wage Increases!”

Colleagues, it is not possible in the 21st century, while the multinationals gain billions in profits and unimaginable wealth, we to settle with the images of poverty, hunger and misery.

We do not accept that workers to be sacrificed for the competitions and wars of the imperialists. We paid for their profits, we paid for their crises. No more!

We work, we produce, we have the power!

The recent big strikes in the refineries of France proved once again that the business groups, the EU and the governments that serve them have to offer only intimidations and slander! Without us they are nothing!

We demand a better future for ourselves and our children, under the slogan


Your struggle is our struggle!

From the General Strike in Greece on November 9 we express our solidarity with the working class of Belgium, solidarity with the working-class France and all workers who are fighting!

We can win!

With struggles, organization and solidarity!

Strike Uprising NOW!


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