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LUEL Solidarity Statement with the Workers of Haiti

If the previous era was one of the advance of US imperialism, the current era is one of a growth of resistance to the yoke of a now dying US imperialism. In a desperate attempt to hold back the tide of resistance to US manipulation of the entire world, the US resorts to its age old policy of gun boat diplomacy. When the Haitian people, who have been kept in a state of underdevelopment for over a century stand up to their traitorous government, American capitalists threaten military intervention and fascistic reaction to suppress the workers and people striving for democracy.

Now, more than ever, the need for international working class solidarity with all peoples escaping US capital subjugation is essential. Democracy, self-determination, and industrial development are revolutionary goals amidst the decay of US imperialism.

We at LUEL stand in solidarity with our fellow workers in the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) in demanding justice for the murdered Haitian trade unionists. LUEL calls for an end to all policies dictated by the IMF and capitalist circles. Drastic measures are needed to restore safety and security in the country, as well as implementation of effective measures against high living costs and inflation. We also stand in solidarity against the possible US military intervention in Haiti.

No to US intervention in Haiti!
No to US imperialism!
Long live class oriented trade unionism!
Long live The Autonomous Center of Haitian Workers (CATH)!

In unity,
Labor United Educational League (LUEL)


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