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Trade Union International of Metal Mining and Metallurgic (TUI-MMM) Holds Forth Congress

The Trade Union International of Metal Mining and Metallurgy (TUI-MMM) held its 4th International Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 28th of May 2024.

WFTU affiliated and friendly unions of Metal and allied industries from all around the world, participated to the Congress. The International Congress of the Trade Unions of Metal Mining and Metallurgy had been a platform to analyze the situation of the metallurgy sector worker and also to define actions towards the organization and their unified action.

Tens of delegates from all over the world participated in the congress. The delegates adopted the declaration and the documents of the Congress, and elected the new leadership of the Trade Union International.

The WFTU wishes all the best to the new leadership and the elected bodies of the TUI, and expresses the sureness that the implementation of the decisions of the 4th Congress will be a strong reinforcement of the class-oriented trade union movement in the sector of metallurgy.


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