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WFTU Calls for Solidarity with the People of Turkey and Syria

To all affiliated unions and friends of the WFTU

Dear Comrades,

The WFTU Solidarity statement with the people affected by the major earthquakes on the Turkish-Syrian border also includes a call to the affiliates of the WFTU to organize initiatives of solidarity and material support with the populations of the affected areas.

Given the magnitude of the humanitarian disaster, we consider it necessary and important that the demonstration of solidarity with people who are living in incredible misery and who are desperate, should be expressed not only morally but also in practice, through material support initiatives that will reach those in need as soon as possible.

The WFTU Secretariat calls the affiliated Unions and friends of our Federation to carry out national level initiatives for the collection of disaster relief; mainly the collection of medicines, blankets and clothes, food for babies and other essential items as well as financial aid which will be used for this purpose.

We inform our affiliates that they have to seek ways to channel material support directly to the affected people with a view to prompt and substantial support to the suffering peoples of Turkey and Syria.

The procedures for the direct, practical solidarity and support can be done in consultation with the WFTU affiliates in Turkey and Syria and also with WFTU affiliates in neighboring countries. For further information, assistance, and coordination you can contact the WFTU headquarters in Athens.

La Secretaría

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